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About us

The Institute of Mental Health of Semmelweis University and the University of Debrecen Faculty of Health have a long history of scientific collaboration in the field of ageing. In 2015 we decided to enter into an agreement and set up a website to be called “Active Ageing Network” Our team has expertise in different areas of active ageing, it has participated in several national and international researches, conferences and workshops, and has published books and articles.
We wish to have contacts with other networks and to  cooperate with colleagues all over the world on different areas of active ageing including long-term care, family carers, ageing and ICT, elder-friendly environment, migrant care workers, intergenerational relations, volunteers, social policy and ageing, mapping of good examples and elaborating model programs.
One of the aims of our website is to map researches and projects on active ageing in Central and Eastern Europe available only in national languages. We consider this as a pioneering task aiming to fill a gap and make the “invisible” Central and Eastern European scientific world visible for the English-speaking research world. Colleagues everywhere will be able to get more information about recent and ongoing trends in this region. While elaborating our data base we became “greedy” and to have a complex data set we decided to include also Central and Eastern European researches available in English. Without the generous help of many of our colleagues we would not have been able to get where we are now. To build such an up-to-date data base we are asking you for your help. Please provide us with information, every “little bit” is welcome. Contact us please.